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Ultra Junk Cleaner making your device faster, cleaner and better

One tap features

Remove Junk
Reserve your RAM for ultra-important data. Optimize the space on your phone to store valuable information. Identification and removal of inactive applications and redundant files. Let your phone run fast down a clean memory lane!
Reclaim Space
Ultra-clean every corner of your phone. Target and remove bottlenecks. Reclaim space by removing app cache, temporary files and leftover data. Clean up bloatware that eats your battery life.
Quick Boostup
Boost productivity by cleaning bloatware. Boost your memory with one tap with the speed booster to make your phone run faster.
Save Battery
Ultra-optimize your phone’s battery. Power your battery life with advanced cleaning that adds hours to your phone’s uptime.

Work that you will not notice
Results you will enjoy

  • Sarah Austin
    Seems to work. Phone runs faster after cleaning. Five months later. -- the app does remove items and helps speed up your phone.
  • Alex J
    Great way to manage storage space and keep tabs on the apps installed on your phone. Quick and easy to use. Great optimizing features as well.
  • Frank Kim
    Reliable, efficient, safe. It does what it says on the tin, always!
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